Closing the loop to deliver value

Closing the loop to deliver value


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Million tonnes

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We recycle raw materials to make your success sustainable

What we do? Every single day we are looking for trend-setting solutions to source and recover stainless steel, superalloys and titanium. To our suppliers we offer short distances, fast response times and fair prices based on current market values. To our clients in the processing industry we offer valuable secondary raw materials of highest quality, in perfect quantities and precise compositions. That’s what we do, 24 hours a day, all around the globe.

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Our recycling: sophisticated, precise and patented

The recycling of raw materials is our core business. It is our goal to guarantee the highest possible quality and purity of secondary raw materials. To achieve that goal, we use precise digital and manual techniques to analyse and separate materials. Additionally, we utilize highly sensitive radioactivity detectors. We promote research and development and invest into cutting-edge technologies.

Our business portfolio

How our raw materials turn into products: From spoon to aircraft wall

From pastry fork to rocket seat: We offer recycled raw materials, for example stainless steel scrap for steel mills and foundries. Or superalloys of all kinds, such as nickel-based, heat-proof metal alloys for the engine, turbine and aeroengine industries and the sports and medical sectors. By sourcing and re-conditioning stainless steel scrap and superalloys, we enter into sustainable production cycles and make innovative concepts affordable.

ELG Utica Alloys

ELG Utica Alloys

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Our objective: To complete the value-added cycle

The resources on our planet are not without limits. At the same time the industry needs valuable raw materials to produce products. It is therefore all the more relevant to use technologies that allow raw materials, that are already part of the value-added cycle, to be re-used for new purposes. That’s us! For 60 years we’ve been doing just that, at the highest level and with a lot of passion. At the same time, we follow the highest quality standards, continuously advance new recycling technologies and protect our resources, the climate and the environment. We perfectly balance entrepreneurial and ecological aspirations. Because sustainability today is part of our social responsibility for a livable world tomorrow.

This is how sustainability works!


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