Learn more about our products

Learn more about our products

What we offer

Purchasing – processing - selling

We purchase stainless steel scrap of all kinds as well as superalloys. We act as bridge and important interface between our numerous suppliers worldwide and our customers in the processing industry. With decades of market and material expertise and thanks to our innovative reprocessing technology, we are able to sell secondary raw materials that we have turned into high-quality ready-to-use products. Especially in the field of superalloys, we offer the processing of scrap-containing production waste within a closed loop on customer request. For our customers in the processing and manufacturing industry we offer re-manufactured stainless steel scrap as secondary raw material, superalloys for example based on nickel and titanium.


Is this scrap? Where do we take it?

For us, scrap is an important and valuable product. In fact, scrap is at the heart of our company and the starting point for everything we do. 60 years ago, we started our sustainable business model by recycling stainless steel waste. Thanks to our comprehensive network of branches on all five continents we today work with over 4,000 suppliers worldwide who provide us with stainless steel scrap. What exactly we purchase? As for the stainless steel sector we practically buy all alloyed scrap containing nickel, chrome or molybdenum as an essential alloying element. It doesn’t matter whether it’s new production scrap or old scrap. We buy scrap in the form of waste, chips, strips, residues, ingots, runners/risers, runnings, splashings, skulls, etc.. We also acquire primary products like pure metals or ferro alloys.

And not only that! We buy superalloys of many kinds such as nickel-based alloys, cobalt-based alloys or titanium. 

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Innovative by tradition

Every single day for over 60 years we have been taking care of the best ways to process stainless steel scrap and superalloys into new, valuable secondary raw materials. As one of the market leaders in the business of recycling of raw materials, we are committed to progress and the development and implementation of sustainable and trendsetting recycling technologies. That’s why we cooperate with research institutions, universities and all major manufacturers of technical equipment and invest into cutting-edge technologies. That’s how we guarantee a continuously high quality of our secondary raw materials. Now and in the future.

Do you want to know how exactly we stay on top of it? Please check out our ELG Utica Alloys superalloy processing plant online.


We manage your expectations

We offer whatever you need! We sell stainless steel scrap as raw material for the steel industry worldwide. Furthermore, we sell sophisticated superalloys primarily to companies in the aviation industry. These include reprocessed superalloys such as nickel-based alloys, titanium, cobalt alloys and many more. Always fair, sustainable, inexpensive.

Stainless steel: origin and heart of ELG

Custom-made raw materials

We take pride in following the highest quality standards and your individual requirements when reprocessing Chrome-Nickel containing scrap to secondary raw materials. This is how we guarantee that you, our customer, will receive the raw materials exactly in the metallurgical and physical composition and form you need. Any time. Any desired quantity. Any place. Ready-to-use.

Our goal is to make you happy; we want to inspire with our tailor-made products, competitive prices and special service. Today and in the future, again and again.


Here a selection of our alloys and metals:

  • Nickel-base alloys, Titanium, Chrome-Cobalt alloys, Carbide Metal, High Speed Steel, Tool Steel, Nickel-Copper
  • Cobalt, Molybdenum, Nickel, Niobium, Tantalum,Vanadium, Tungsten, Chrome

Special materials deserve special attention.

This is especially true for raw materials used by the high-tech sector. The requirements in this sector are especially strict – which represents a special challenge for us too. We meet that challenge by carefully selecting and analyzing the raw materials to be recycled with the greatest precision. We sort them meticulously and professionally and prepare them to meet the individual requirements of our customers. On request, we offer our customers, who are primarily part of the supply chain in the aerospace industry, the processing of their scrap-containing production waste within a closed loop.

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