We close the loop.

We close the loop.

We are a global leader in the trading, processing and recycling of raw materials for the stainless steel industry as well as high performance materials such as superalloys and titanium.

We are ELG

We are specialists in two areas of expertise:

  • Ever since we were founded it has been our business to turn chromium-nickel alloyed scrap into secondary raw materials for the stainless-steel industry.
  • Secondly, we recycle high-performance materials such as superalloys and titanium, mainly for the aerospace industry.

Recycling is our expertise

We are pioneers, trailblazers and global market leaders in the business of recycling raw materials. It is our core expertise to trade sophisticated raw materials globally, to reprocess them with high-tech and to recycle them for the industry.

Our head office is located in Duisburg. From there, our recycling network spans around the entire world. We work with more than 4,000 pre-suppliers on all five continents. This enables us to recycle more than one million tonnes of raw materials every year, making them available to our customers precisely and exactly as required by their respective industry. As a result, we can offer tailor-made products and complete the value-added circle.

Our Management. 

Joint Leadership.

Bernard Hallemans

On September 1, 2023, Bernard Hallemans assumed the position as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ELG GmbH from Dr. Donald Weir. He will combine his functions within ELG with the transversal roles as Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer in the Aperam Leadership Team and CEO of the Recyclables and Renewables division. 

Bernard has more than 25 years experience in management positions. The main focus is on driving forward Aperam’s ESG roadmap and leading position in the industry, to place the company further at the heart of the circular economy. Bernard Hallemans holds a M.Sc. degree as Metallurgical Engineer from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, where he finished his Ph.D. in Materials Science in 1995. He holds a European Executive MBA from ESCP Business School in Paris.

Guillaume Bazetoux

Guillaume Bazetoux is ELG Group Chief Financial Officer. In addition to his CFO functions, he will focus on the integration of ELG into the Aperam Group.

Guillaume has close to 35 years of experience in leading roles in finance and project management. After his bachelor’s degrees in Economy and Finance from Sciences Po Paris and from Paris-X University, he started his career with Sacilor Group in France. He then held several senior management positions at Industeel in Belgium, Arcelor Stainless International in Singapore and in France.

As CFO of ArcelorMittal Stainless Division (today Aperam), Guillaume played a central role in the listing of Aperam where he has been Head of Finance since the creation of the Group early 2011. He has been a key actor in the acquisition of ELG by Aperam in 2021 and joined ELG as new CFO in 2022.

Facts and Figures



Duisburg, Germany: Company headquarters




in 18 countries on five continents

We close the loop: CO2 savings through recycled raw materials


Million tonnes

recycled raw materials per year

Million tonnes

CO2 savings per year
≙ 412

wind turbines'

CO2 savings per year

Our company philosophy

Creating value, living values

At ELG we promote top-quality recycling products, sustainability and professional and trustworthy services. Our longstanding success story is not only based on our technical know-how, but also on our philosophy of creating value and living our values. We foster responsibility, kindness and openness. We take a stance. We live loyalty and transparency. We protect the environment. We respect each other and encourage innovative ideas. All of this is just as much a part of our corporate philosophy as it is to enable our employees to develop and grow. Our vision is to continue our success story and to do it perfectly.

Now and then

From a Start-up to a Global Player

It all started in 1962 in Duisburg with a small company named Eisenlegierungen HGmbH. Incidentally, our international brand name ELG dates back to the name of the German company Landesgesellschaft Eisenlegierungen, which still exists today. Through steady expansion our once-small company grew into a global player within five decades. An important milestone in the success story of ELG took place in the 1980s when Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH, a family-owned private equity investor from Duisburg, took over the company. This opened the door for further investments into new subsidiaries and international joint ventures. It helped ELG to expand its global market position in a sustainable manner.

some milestones in the history of ELG


Foundation of Eisenlegierungen Handelsgesellschaft mbH in Duisburg (D)


Foundation of ELG Haniel Metals Ltd. in Sheffield (UK)


Acquisition of Steelmet Inc, Pittsburgh, PA (USA), now ELG Metals. Inc.


Complete takeover of ELG Haniel GmbH by Franz Haniel & Cie.

Acquisition of Figespa S. A. / Ferinox S. A. in Paris / Nanterre (F)


Acquisition of the Utica Alloys Group based in Utica, New York, (USA), today ELG Utica Alloys Group


Acquisition of Recycled Carbon Fibre Ltd. in Coseley (UK), later ELG Carbon Fibre Ltd.


Foundation of the initiative "ELG Innovation Experience" (EIE) to bundle group-wide innovation and digital activities.


ELG Group acquired and fully consolidated into the Aperam Group as from Dec. 31, 2021 under a new segment “Recycling” - see news