Welcome to ELG Recycling Processors!

ELG Recycling Processors Pty Ltd was established in Australia in 1992 encompassing two operations one in Melbourne and the other in Sydney. Both these operations supply feed stock direct to the Stainless mills in South East Asia.

Our company is committed to the concept of quality assurance, the provision of a total quality service and the preservation of the environment through responsible recycling of stainless steel and other associated alloys.

We are supplier to bulk stainless consumers and at the same time we are dedicated to the supply of all stainless steel specifications and alloys steels to other melting outlets.

Our supply network has ensured the constant flow of our raw materials in the form of metals and alloy steels. We have the capability to analyse, sort and process materials for various steel making and foundry applications, and by discussions with potential customers, we can offer cost effective and guaranteed furnace charges for both your regular and special requirements.

ELG Recycling Processors is not only the answer for stainless steel and alloys scraps. But also re-usable! All products purchased in Australia are for export only and not resold into the local domestic market.

Are you overstocked? Do you have material that is not up to Mill quality? Then speak to us, we can help you with all your documentation and duty rebates.


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